Nuance in Healthcare Podcasts: Episode 8

The critical role CDI plays in better patient outcomes with Holly Flynn

Episode 8

Episode summary

Bridging the gap

Holly highlights how her clinical experience in nursing and critical care allows her to build a strong, comfortable relationship with physicians. Their common experience and knowledge base helps bridge the gap from physician to CDI specialist. This is particularly valuable when explaining to physicians how important it is for patient care and financial purposes to not only document the care provided, but also be able to prove it.

14:44 “There is a very rampant auditing initiative across the country. Private payers - they don’t like to give up their money and so they are very stringent on the documentation. And honestly, the physicians just want to practice medicine. So the role of CDI is to be that bridge for the physicians to ensure that the documentation is very, very robust.”

This is where automation becomes crucial to providing exceptional care, by allowing the professionals to spend more time at the bedside caring for the acute, ill patients and less time with paperwork. In addition, it’s important to note that CDI informs how the public views a hospital and it's quality of care. Improving CDI means improving your hospital’s reputation.

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