Nuance Cardiovascular CAPD – Accurate, appropriate reimbursement & coding

Achieve appropriate reimbursement for cardiovascular procedures

Nuance Cardiovascular CAPD, powered by ZHealth, improves interventional cardiology case reporting speed and accuracy with a single documentation‑to‑coding system that enables physicians to create fully‑specified reports completed with codes generated automatically.

The opportunity

Capture complete documentation and automate coding

Cardiac catheterization lab procedures are among the most complex areas of the hospital to accurately document, code, and bill. Variations in clinical presentations, methods, communication, and documentation styles affect the downstream workflow and coding, and even the most advanced hospitals struggle to capture the right information and revenue.


cardiovascular reports contain coding errors


average missed reimbursement per under‑coded case


of cases per year pose a compliance risk for the average size hospital


average under‑reimbursement per case (Medicare payment level)


Streamline catheterization lab documentation and coding

Nuance Cardiovascular CAPD helps hospitals and providers recognize the full value of every interventional cardiology procedure. By consolidating multiple steps into a single documentation‑to‑coding system, physicians create fully-specified reports with codes generated automatically.

Accelerate the revenue cycle

Consolidate multiple steps into a single documentation‑to‑coding system to accelerate the revenue cycle by a day or more.

Improve efficiency

Reduce time spent on documentation, coding, and billing by 50% with streamlined workflows.

Support compliant coding

Automatically generated codes with near‑100% coding accuracy and alignment on hospital and physician billing codes.

Improve communication

Make the procedure and findings easy to understand with detailed graphical reports.


A single system

In a single solution, Nuance Cardiovascular CAPD marries powerful user interfaces to a state‑of‑the‑art coding engine, harnessing ZHealth’s unique insights to improve coding accuracy resulting in a streamlined process.

Why Nuance Cardiovascular CAPD?

Expert-level automated coding

With near-100% coding accuracy, the patented algorithm is built on ZHealth’s industry-leading expertise in interventional coding:


nearly two decades focused on complex coding


hospital coding references used nationwide


cases reviewed for the country’s leading hospitals

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Make your interventional cardiology documentation effortless.

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