Nuance Surgical CAPD

Check up on your patients, not your documentation

Empower surgeons to make clinical documentation easy and effortless. Nuance Surgical CAPD learns surgeons’ documentation patterns—improving efficiency immediately and over time—and reduces billing time by 75%.

How in-workflow surgical CAPD impacts physicians and hospitals

Discover how Nuance Surgical CAPD is changing the way physicians capture, leverage and deliver patient information.

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Why Nuance Surgical CAPD?

Powered by AI. Built for outcomes.

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Maximize your surgical documentation workflow and capture the appropriate detail

Reduce billing time by 75%

Save time by creating a specific and compliant report that reduces billing time by 75%, reduces disruptive retrospective queries and automatically sends a charge report to your office. See how Nuance Surgical CAPD(pdf. Open a new window) can impact your documentation workflow.


For hospitals, surgery centers and physician offices

Accurate reimbursement
  • Real-time advice presented at the point of care
  • Capture more specific and compliant details
Accelerate the revenue cycle
  • 92% reduction in coding queries
  • Immediate decrease in DNFB
  • Automated charge capture report sent to the surgeon’s office
  • Documentation and coding gaps disappear, bills can be ready in just 2 hours
Engage physicians
  • One pass documentation and charge capture
  • Case tracking and discrete data capture for research and analytics
  • Provides care team with immediate access to detailed full report without waiting for transcription
Eliminate transcription
  • Personalized workflows make it easy to learn and use Dragon Medical One to quickly capture narratives
  • Mobile app to review schedules & capture notes on the go

Make your surgical documentation effortless.

Learn how today.