Nuance Virtual Scribing Services – Maximize productivity

Focused patient care. Comprehensive patient charts.

Nuance Virtual Scribing Services, delivered through iScribes (now part of Nuance), creates secure, high-quality, compliant clinical documentation directly in the EHR on behalf of clinicians. Virtual medical scribes use information obtained from patient encounter recordings to complete patient charts. Clinicians maximize their efficiency to keep pace with their patient workload, provide patient-focused care and enjoy more free time.

Shorten clinician workdays with Virtual Scribing Services

Nuance Virtual Scribing Services advances clinician satisfaction, patient experience, operative efficiency and documentation quality by simplifying EHR documentation.


Clinicians take care of patients, while virtual medical scribes take care of documentation

Improve the clinician experience while advancing documentation quality and patient care.


Simple document capture, superior document content

Virtual medical scribes offer an efficient option for achieving high quality patient charts in the EHR.

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