EHR Services Infographic – Reaching optimal adoption

Reach the full potential of your EHR

Nuance EHR Services for Epic® help you maximize your IT investment and experience continued success for your clinical staff and patients—throughout your EHR journey.

You know your EHR isn’t optimized when...

You don’t have access to industry best-practices from a service-led approach to implement your EHR technology

Individual physician preferences or specialty‑focused personalization has not been offered

Physicians are struggling with core EHR skillsets and productivity is being impacted

Bandwidth of your training team is focused on new users vs. enhancing physician skillsets with new features and functionality

It is challenging or unrealistic to complete timely and consistent EHR updates and upgrades

Real-time support for physicians is impacting ability to deliver patient care

Physician time spent completing documentation is
greater than expected

Why Nuance?

Leading experts in Epic

1,500+ leading experts in Epic and Nuance solutions with 8 years average experience

Technology portfolio combined with Epic expertise

Proven technology portfolio uniquely combined with Epic expertise and knowledge--more than a decade of joint innovation and strategic development

EHR Success

Programmatic approach to long-term EHR success with more than 300 successful Epic client service engagements and counting

Learn how our EHR Services team can partner with you to achieve your financial, patient care, clinician satisfaction and productivity objectives for maximum return on investment.