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Real-time expertise when your care teams need it most

A physician’s primary responsibility is caring for patients and faster turnaround times require them to access patient information outside of standard working hours. Empower them with highly skilled, workflow-centric assistance to effectively utilize the extensive features available within Epic’s EHR—in real-time and with first call resolution.

Improving physicians’ workflow and patient care

A physician’s ability to focus on patient care is of the utmost importance. Providing CSD expertise and real-time support to customers can ensure physicians and care team members have what they need to do their best work and deliver the best possible care to patients and the community.

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We know long-term success does not happen without the right support in place for your care teams. Our Clinical Service Desk team focuses on providing physicians real-time support and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We know your goal is to help physicians be as productive as possible while maintaining focus on providing high-quality patient care. Let us help you deliver on that promise.

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With a team of practicing physicians at the heart of Nuance EHR Services, your clinical and nonclinical staff can take advantage of our deep, real-world understanding of how to use Epic in both acute and ambulatory settings.
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