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Advance EHR adoption through expert training

Our team of directors, project managers, and principal trainers have over a decade of experience developing and delivering end‑to‑end training programs that engage learners, grow confidence and ready users for efficient use of the EHR.

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Knowledge is power

Our training programs are designed to help users learn and apply new skillsets to their daily workflow. From classrooms to eLearning to interactive labs integrated with Nuance solutions, we design, manage and deliver training that drives a quick return to operations and patient care.

End‑to‑end training programs

Our experienced directors and trainers deliver a well‑planned, well‑executed pre- and post‑go‑live training program. Our curriculum development, class scheduling and classroom design covers:

  • Credentialed Trainer programs
  • Super User training
  • eLearning
  • Instructor‑led classroom training
  • Interactive classroom environments
Targeted training

By monitoring user proficiency, our action plans address the greatest training needs, improve user performance, and ready users to work quickly and ably in the EHR. Our team tracks user progress with:

  • Provider efficiency reports
  • Nuance solution data
  • User assessments analytics
User settings (personalization) labs

Users work one‑on‑one with our experts to create a workspace that works more efficiently by:

  • Personalizing workspaces to work the way they work
  • Configuring notifications and order sets
  • Integrating Nuance technologies into a single workflow
Simulation labs

Users take a test drive through daily scenarios. Working one‑on‑one with our experts, users experience a real‑world, hands‑on specialty‑specific training environment to:

  • Gain familiarity with day‑to‑day workflows
  • Experience the integration of Nuance solutions
  • Practice core skills
  • Reinforce ability to complete patient exam documentation
  • Identify knowledge gaps
  • Bolster confidence

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