Nuance Healthcare success story—improve physician satisfaction

Improving physician satisfaction at Kootenai Health

Minimize reliance on transcriptionists while gaining faster, better access to complete information in the patient’s record and increase physician satisfaction.

Kootenai Health Success Story

Company profile

Kootenai Health is a leading regional healthcare system that provides a comprehensive range of medical services to patients in northern Idaho and throughout the Inland Northwest.

Kootenai Health recently faced a number of challenges related to its clinical narrative capture and transcription processes. Transcribing notes and documentation tended to take too long and didn’t provide real-time clinical information in the patient record. As a result, physicians often had to track down patient charts to make care decisions— decisions that could have been made from anywhere in the organization.

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For us, the biggest benefit is that we can now get complete information in the patient’s record in real time and provide access to anyone who might need it. This is imperative for improving the transition of care.

Dr. Stephanie Lahr
Former CMIO
Kootenai Health


  • Time-consuming transcription processes
  • Delayed availability of patient information in the EHR
  • Inefficient discharge processes
  • Low physician engagement and satisfaction related to ICD-10 compliance

  • Dragon® Medical
  • PowerMic Mobile
  • Dragon® Medical Advisor

  • Real-time access to a complete patient record, to anyone who needs it
  • More accurate, appropriate documentation
  • Improved compliance with ICD-10
  • Increased physician satisfaction


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