Voice Biometrics—The key to deeply personalized in-vehicle speech

Every voice matters: Our system knows who is talking and why.

Make each car a perfect host with voice-driven personalization.

Imagine the possibilities of an automotive assistant that differentiates every human voice—and adapts its service to an infinite number of speakers. With voice biometrics, each passenger’s unique voiceprint prompts the system to create a personal profile, enabling the car to cater to individual needs with no additional hardware.

Like a perfect host with a limitless memory, the assistant recalls each speaker’s preferred settings, content, and entertainment, delivering a personalized experience whenever they enter the car. Voice biometrics and enhanced multi-user interaction also accommodate the transition to autonomous driving and car-sharing, offering the functionality needed for shared mobility applications, vehicle interior conversion, and other essentials of future mobility.


Elevate multi-user interaction with intuitive hospitality

As innovation leaders in conversational AI, we’ve spent decades pursuing the possibilities of the human voice—including its potential to transform the relationship between people and cars. Because each voice is as unique as a fingerprint, we combine voice biometrics with intelligent speech signal processing to create a powerful environment for in-vehicle speech. The result is an optimal experience for each user and an infinite capacity for personalized comfort, elevating the satisfaction of everyone who rides in your cars.

The solution

Customize in‑vehicle speech with multi‑user configurations

Decide who is in charge—and control sound situationally.
Nuance delivers multi-user configurations with pervasive understanding and flexible controls. Among the sophisticated technologies we use to accomplish individualized UX are voice biometrics, beamforming, and Passenger Interference Cancellation (PIC) methods, which combine to separate individual speakers and facilitate the activation or deactivation of acoustic zones (during conference calls, etc.). Our acoustic zone processing is highly configurable and adapts to constantly changing speech situations in the car.

Innovation leadership for future mobility

The age of autonomous driving is just ahead of us—but Nuance accelerates the future in everything we do. Our technologies set the standard for artificial intelligence in cars, allowing OEMs to deliver comprehensive connection within a consistent brand experience. Discover how delightful intelligence can be with the automotive industry’s #1 partner.

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Use cases

Voice Biometrics gets it done

Whether the driver, a family member, or a new passenger is speaking, voice biometrics enables your assistant to identify who they are, locate where they are sitting, and cater to their individual preferences. Because of Dragon Drive’s advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and contextual reasoning capabilities, it responds to casual, unscripted speech and complex, implicit requests.


Situational sound for the connected car

Individualized entertainment, selective sound muting, enhanced audibility during group conversations…there’s no limit to the ways voice biometrics improves life in the car.

Find out how intuitive voice can change the conversation in your cars.