A unified interface for everything

Making assistants work together to simplify complex interface problems

Fixing a fragmented ecosystem

The explosion of devices, assistants, and third-party services puts everything at our fingertips. But it creates a consumer problem: the need to learn and decide which assistant to interact with and when. They all work well, but the consumer must still decide the best way to get what they need across a fragmented ecosystem. Nuance believes our Cognitive Arbitrator provides a better way.

The solution

One cohesive, interoperable experience for everything.

Our Cognitive Arbitrator is a new AI capability that solves a complex problem by enabling multiple assistants to work together. Users can now access their preferred services from within a single virtual assistant, without having to remember and decide which assistant handles which task and how to interact with each one.

The Cognitive Arbitrator works out how to route the user’s request to the assistant best suited for the job. For example, it can learn what music streaming service users prefer, and automatically send music requests to that service. Let’s take an example of an in-car assistant. Today, users talk to their head unit to get driving directions, listen to music, and control other car related controls like the air conditioning. With the Cognitive Arbitrator, this same assistant can now access other assistants for tasks such as shopping, banking, food ordering, and productivity. Users can now get access to everything they need.

Using a combination of conversational and cognitive AI, the Cognitive Arbitrator understands not only the user, but also the disparate protocols, platforms and APIs of the multiple services the user has access to. And it makes the experience beautifully consistent whether the user is interfacing with their car, mobile device, home system or work platform. Nuance has cracked the interoperability problem and is making fragmented user interfaces a thing of the past.

Use cases for the car

The capabilities

Integrated as part of Nuance’s centralized AI platform for Dragon Drive and smart home solutions, as well as Nina virtual assistant for customer service, the Cognitive Arbitrator brings an expanded level of intelligence to the connected car HMI and smart home hub and is fully customizable and scalable to meet the unique needs of the connected car and smart home.

The benefits for OEMs

The best UX for consumers by combining your own specialized services with those available from other assistants

Control over user experience

The ability to maintain high levels of control over data protection and security

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