Cognitive arbitration: A connected ecosystem in the car

Make interconnectivity an extension of your brand.

Comprehensive access to the IoT. In your voice.

Deliver connected driving while enhancing customers’ connection to you.

From smartphones to Smart Homes to services at work and beyond, today’s drivers connect with an expanding variety of IoT devices and voice-enabled assistants. Cognitive Arbitrator empowers your automotive assistant to seamlessly fold users’ preferred third-party AI into each car’s scope of services without compromising privacy, security, or the integrity of your own branded user experience.

Nuance developed this breakthrough AI-based technology to optimize Dragon Drive by solving one of the biggest consumer challenges of connected living: the hassle of choosing which device to use and remembering its specific capabilities and vocabularies. Cognitive Arbitrator makes it easy, integrating third-party intelligence with your own vehicle-specific and driving-related systems to create a connected ecosystem controlled by your brand.

The solution

Each car is an intelligent hub of cohesive interoperability

At last: an omniscient assistant that plays well with others. Cognitive Arbitrator puts your assistant in charge, processing each request through the appropriate exterior service or device without diverging from your brand-specific user experience. It integrates intelligence from diverse sources like in-home entertainment devices, banking assistants, and meal delivery apps to deliver deeply personalized, contextual responses—in your voice.

Nuance has cracked the interoperability problem by allowing your users to access every smart technology they own through a single, universal interface. Using conversational speech and cognitive AI, Cognitive Arbitrator allows your assistant to understand not only the user, but also the disparate protocols, platforms, and APIs of the diverse services each user has access to. And it makes the experience beautifully consistent—whether users are interfacing with their cars, mobile devices, home systems, or work platforms.

Diverse sources. Contextual complexity. Cognitive Arbitrator just gets it.


A unified interface, your way

Fully integrated into Nuance’s centralized AI platform for Dragon Drive, Cognitive Arbitrator brings an expanded level of intelligence to the connected car HMI and comes fully scaled and customized to your needs.


Replace fragmented user experiences with seamless fluency

Fueled by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and tightly integrated in the Dragon Drive platform for automotive assistants, Cognitive Arbitrator speaks fluently to everyone—and everything.

Profound relationship with users

  • Cognitive Arbitrator understands natural language, so users can address it like a person.
  • It knows context: Users can say “cancel my last order” or “play my favorite band” and it will execute without clarification.
  • It continuously learns user preferences and offers a deeply personalized experience.
  • It knows which services users prefer and even reminds them to record their favorite shows.
Comprehensive connection

  • Using both open and private APIs, Cognitive Arbitrator knows the various protocols, platforms, and APIs of each assistant or service the user requires.
  • Cognitive arbitration allows your assistant to draw seamlessly from other sources, freeing users from the need to memorize scripts or prompts.
  • Whether users are interacting with their cars, their phones, their homes or their offices, the experience remains beautifully consistent.

Innovation leadership for future mobility

The age of autonomous driving is just ahead of us—but Nuance accelerates the future in everything we do. Our technologies set the standard for artificial intelligence in cars, allowing OEMs to deliver comprehensive connection within a consistent brand experience. Discover how delightful intelligence can be with the automotive industry’s #1 partner.

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