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Australian Tax Office Deploys new virtual assistant.

First of its kind virtual assistant, Alex, launched within Australian Federal Government.

Company profile

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is the Australian Government’s main revenue collection agency. The ATO administers major aspects of Australia’s superannuation system and acts as custodian of the Australian Business Register.

The ATO is committed to delivering a contemporary digital experience and excellent service to its clients. The ATO has had a strong partnership with Nuance Communications since engaging with their IVR solutions in 2000. Nuance was selected as the preferred vendor due to its proven integration with Genesys (ATO’s contact center solutions provider), alignment with their web blueprint and their potential to align virtual assistant and Natural Language Understanding technology into the ATO’s IVR solution in the future.

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  • Address expectations and preference for online support via digital channels
  • Provide engaging, lower cost support for client services
  • Evaluate virtual assistants for present and future needs
  • Reduce call volumes to contact center
  • Nina virtual assistant technology powered by artificial intelligence
  • Natural Language Understanding, conversational dialogue and advanced resolution strategies
  • Alex provides self-service via preferred digital channels
  • Alex engaged in 2M+ conversations within first 18 months
  • 88% first contact resolution rate
  • $9.7M in client red tape reduction savings yearly
  • Contributed towards 8-10% reduction in contact center call volumes
  • Successful lower cost digital engagements


To address the steady increases in client interactions, especially from July to October (the start of the Australian new financial year), the ATO sought to reduce the high volume of call center and to enhance the self-service offerings currently available to its clients. With the increased emphasis on digital engagement across all industry segments, the ATO recognized the value of virtual assistant (VA) technology to support and inform its clients online. The ATO needed to determine which VA on the market would best ft both their current and future needs.

Because of the previous successful collaboration with voice biometrics, the ATO partnered with Nuance for their virtual assistant technology to deliver a contemporary self-service support tool which is available 24/7, a service increasingly sought by ATO clients.

Nuance worked closely with the ATO to develop its digital support strategy to implement a VA solution using Nina virtual assistant technology powered by artificial intelligence. The focus was to provide an enhanced service offering that understands the client’s intent, delivers responses tailored to the client’s needs and can then be printed and used for future client reference.

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