Live Chat—Omni-channel customer engagement success stories

Mobile engagement optimization for Total Gym.

Mobile chat improves engagements and conversions for a growing mobile customer base.

Company profile

Total Gym is the star product of American Telecast, one of the leading consumer product and direct-marketing companies in the world. Total Gym continues to be one of the top-selling, best- known home fitness products on the market today. They have partnered with Nuance since 2009 (then, TouchCommerce) in delivering personalized, live customer interaction on the Total Gym Website. Through the benefits of customized agent training, personalized partnership and customer insights, Nuance has been able to produce conversion rates that are 4 to 5 times higher than without chat or self-serve.

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  • Make Total Gym's customer engagement optimized for mobile devices
  • Address the mobile user's unique shopping style and communication needs


  • Nuance Live Chat
  • Mobile chat implemented with features customized for Total Gym
  • Quick reply option added to mobile chat to help customer engage without tying long messages
  • Automated product guides added to mobile to guide user in early stages of navigation


  • 2.5 times more conversions with mobile chat than with a basic live chat design
  • 71% faster customer response time from the quick reply option
  • 5 times more customer interaction in early website navigation
  • 12% increase in overall smartphone conversion rate


Even with the success of the Total Gym/Nuance partnership, the customer landscape is always changing for any company. Total Gym began seeing that more and more of their customers were watching their infomercials while surfing the internet on their smartphone or tablet. In fact, they were experiencing a 177% increase in traffic with tablets. The logical thing to do was to make Total Gym’s customer engagement optimized for mobile devices, addressing the mobile user’s unique shopping style and communication needs. Therefore, in mid-2013, Nuance began Total Gym’s mobile transformation with Live Chat and Automated Guides.

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