OmniPage Ultimate

Easy, reliable and robust

OmniPage Ultimate is the most trusted solution for Fortune 100 companies. Stop wasting time and money scanning documents. Instantly convert all your paper files and PDFs into truly editable digital files and forms with the most powerful OCR software, OmniPage Ultimate.

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OmniPage Ultimate
Why buy

The right choice in business‑grade OCR software


The fastest, easiest way to convert PDF files and forms into documents you can edit, share and archive.


OmniPage Ultimate instantly converts business-critical documents into ready-to-use data and editable formats.


Pre-programmed workflows can take your documents from one format to another, in one easy step.

Why OmniPage?

There’s a reason why two-thirds of the Fortune 100 trust Nuance solutions

Fast and intuitive

Get started quickly

The OmniPage LaunchPad application—an intuitive companion app—provides fast access to the full power of OCR conversion. You can quickly and easily convert any kind of document into a custom PDF that can be sent to any destination.

Omnipage standard cloud integration
Omnipage standard cloud integration
Powerful integrations

Seamlessly share documents

OmniPage Ultimate's DocuDirect can automatically send converted files to a predefined destination, multiple destinations or on-demand to anyone, anywhere. It can also watch a shared folder and automatically send converted files into the most appropriate workflow.

Support for the most languages

Language fluency

OmniPage Ultimate recognizes more than 120 languages, so you can process, edit and store documents from anywhere in the world. OmniPage Ultimate recognizes languages based on the Latin, Greek and Cyrillic alphabets as well as Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.

Omnipage standard cloud integration

System requirements

1GB of memory (RAM), 2GB recommended

2.7GB total hard drive space for all components: 300MB for application components plus 100MB during installation, 1.2GB for Vocalizer Expressive speech modules (120–500MB per language), 250MB for RealSpeak Solo (languages can be custom installed), 200MB for PDF Create, 700MB for PaperPort, 30MB NCC

DVD drive for installation unless utilizing a digital download

WIA, TWAIN or ISIS scanner driver

1024x768 pixel color monitor

2-megapixel digital camera with auto-focus or higher for digital camera text capture

Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit or 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit with Service Pack 3

Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012

Microsoft SharePoint® Portal Server 2003, 2007 and 2010

Open Text Connectivity Solutions (Hummingbird Enterprise 2005)

Autonomy-Interwoven (iManage) WorkSite 8.2

ODMA link supporting a broad range of document management systems. Check with the vendor of your specific service to see if it works with ODMA.

Web access needed for online activation, registration, live update and Nuance Cloud Connector

DVD-ROM drive (required for installation)

Performance and speed will be enhanced if your computer's processor, memory and available disk space exceed minimum requirements. This is especially true when converting very large color PDF files.


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