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Established in 1742, Fairfax County, VA has grown to become a thriving community of more than 1 million people, making it the most populous county in the commonwealth of Virginia. The Fairfax County government spans more than 55 different departments, agencies, programs, and services –from police, fire, and rescue to libraries, animal shelters, the county registrar and health and human services.

As a government entity, Fairfax County’s primary objective is to provide necessary services to its constituents swiftly and cost-effectively, which requires close collaboration among many of the agencies. By nature, however, the County is a paper-intensive environment. They needed to reduce paper output, increase security and speed of document delivery, and reduce the tedious and repetitive tasks associated with manual document management. David Foechterle, Customer Service Manager for the Department of Information Technology, was charged with tackling the challenge.

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We reduced the complexity of the hardware and thus the service challenges. We’re down to four models (with a common interface) from 12 models with eight different interfaces.

David Foechterle
Customer Service Manager for the Department of Information Technology
Fairfax County, VA


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