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Belgian notary reclaims lost time searching for documents with Nuance AutoStore

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Belgian notary Xavier Voets not only found himself digging through basement storage containers on a regular basis before he could find the document he needed to send to the client, hindering his ability to conduct other client-related work. He began investigating scanning solutions to go with his multifunction printer. Whatever he chose not only needed to be able to create a searchable digital archive to save time but also make it simple to scan mortgage certificates, which were in booklet format and needed to be sorted properly in electronic format. After reviewing available options that would integrate with DocuShare, Voets chose Nuance AutoStore with the scripted Debooklet module and DocuShare connector.

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Notary Xavier Voets

Finding client documents now takes seconds instead of a half an hour, saving us much-needed time and resources, thanks to AutoStore and the power of connectors.

Xavier Voets
Notary Xavier Voets


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