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Scania automates invoice processing and workflow with Nuance Output Manager and Nuance AutoStore.

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Large companies process thousands of invoices a month – and many times, they deal in paper. Scania, a global transportation company headquartered in Södertälje, Sweden, needed to automate its manual, time-consuming processes with its incoming and outgoing invoices. Employees would scan incoming invoices and manually send them to accounts payable. Accounts receivable would print outgoing invoices, which required mailing. The manual element introduced human error and took valuable time away from revenue-generating work. It became clear that Scania needed a way to automate the workflow so that invoices would automatically print or email to the recipient, and incoming invoices would go directly to the appropriate folder or system. Adding to the complexity, Scania runs SAP, an enterprise-class ERP system, as its backbone. Any solution it chose needed to integrate with SAP for maximum efficiency. Because the company trusted its MFP provider, it looked to them first for a solution. The MFP provider introduced Nuance products, and Scania selected Nuance Output Manager and Nuance AutoStore to automate its invoicing workflow. “We were amazed at the simplicity, commitment, and engagement in solving our business challenges,” said Marcel Rijnbout, IT Manager.

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Not only did Nuance products work as expected, they paid for themselves and increased our productivity. Being able to streamline the invoice scanning and processing means getting invoices out faster – and getting paid faster, which keeps our business moving forward.

Marcel Rijnbout
IT Manager


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