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Equitrac automates processes at Foulsham & Geddes to deliver greater productivity plus easy and accurate cost recovery

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Aware of the benefits that technology can offer, many legal firms of all sizes are exploring and embracing technology in a bid to streamline processes, recover client costs and improve productivity. One such firm is the Sydney based company of Foulsham & Geddes. A general practice, the small firm was keen to automate its cost recovery processes to save time and improve productivity. While working on a legal matter, Foulsham & Geddes stumbled across Nuance’s Equitrac. This resulted in a partnership that has since proved immensely rewarding.

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In every possible way, our purchase of Equitrac and collaboration with Nuance could not have proved more fruitful.

Jacob Carswell-Doherty
Solicitor Director
Foulsham & Geddes


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