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Nuance Equitrac enables GroupM & WPP to improve flexibility, productivity and confidentiality.

Productivity, Flexibility and Confidentiality Issues

Issues related to productivity, flexibility, confidentiality and waste led GroupM’s IT teams to rethink their entire fleet of copiers.

Concerning productivity, the group’s employees used one badge to access the building and a second badge to use copiers. Such complicated access management was a huge waste of time.

In terms of flexibility, when a person wanted to print a document and their printer was down or in maintenance, they couldn’t use another machine.

As for the last issue, it related to confidentiality and waste: After printing, people often forgot to pick up their documents and this created enormous waste.

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Using the Equitrac Capture and Send solution with our copiers has enabled us to reduce the number of print jobs by 30%. In addition to saving paper, Nuance has enabled us to improve productivity, flexibility and confidentiality.

Pascal Terraube
GroupM IT Manager


- Maintain productivity by avoiding the multiplication of unnecessary tasks (manual input of emails, recovery and destruction of unrecovered printouts, etc.)
- Make using printers more flexible
- Avoid wasting paper and optimize confidentiality


Pascal Terraube, GroupM & WPP IT manager, says: “All these uncollected print jobs also raised the issue of confidentiality. Indeed, some of the documents that were printed and left on the printers were confidential. Leaving them out in the open was a big problem for our company and our customers.”

A Solution To All Issues

So GroupM decided to change its entire fleet when it moved premises in 2015, investing in multifunction printers and Nuance’s Equitrac Capture and Send solution.

This solution allowed the IT team to issue to each employee just one badge which gave access to both the building and the copiers. Furthermore, this solution was powerful enough to be used by GroupM’s 1,100 employees in France. And thanks to Equitrac’s MFP function, technical teams can now manage the entire fleet centrally and predictively.

When a person wishes to print from their computer, the Follow-You Printing function of Equitrac allows them to send the document to the print queue of the selected printer. The user then only has to go to the chosen printer, scan their badge, and thus recover their print job. And even when a printer is not available, the user can select another printer to print their document.

Similarly, when an employee wishes to scan a document, they only have to place the document on the printer and scan their badge. Next, Equitrac’s Capture and Send function sends the scanned document directly to the employee’s mailbox.

30% Less Print Jobs

GroupM & WPP observed many benefits in all the important areas.

In terms of paper savings, the teams noted a 30% reduction in the number of jobs printed. This 30% corresponds to unrecovered jobs, which generated confidentiality issues. Not only that, they also created additional work for the technical teams who had to destroy them.

Pascal Terraube explains: “This 30% saving in printing is much more than just saving paper. Indeed, we see this in a broader and more eco-responsible way. Also, philosophically speaking, our technical teams no longer waste time on thankless tasks such as recovering “abandoned” printouts in order to destroy them.”

Greater Flexibility and Productivity

With the Equitrac solution installed on all copiers, GroupM & WPP can also measure the flexibility offered to their employees. Before, when a machine didn’t work, employees would come directly to the IT department to complain. With Equitrac, if the user’s nearest printer no longer works, they simply have to go to another printer to get their print job. This saves time for the technical teams.

Using the badge is also one of the main sources of productivity. Previously, a user who wanted to scan a document or make a photocopy of something had to systematically enter their email address into the printer. With the Equitrac badge solution, the scanned badge is more than sufficient because it includes all the user’s data.

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