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Equitrac excels in education at Magdalen College School

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With schools in England expected to have less to spend per pupil over the next five years*, IT solutions are going to have to prove that they can deliver against any claims they make about improving efficiency if they’re to stand a chance of being considered for deployment. One solution already proving its worth in education and delivering a return on investment is Nuance Equitrac Express, the world’s most popular print management software. Deployed at Magdalen College School in Brackley, Northamptonshire, Equitrac is helping the school to reduce print volumes and easily facilitate the recharging of departments for document output, bringing efficient cost control to print.

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Not getting any more complaints about print, it has proved to be every bit as easy to use and as reliable as was promised during the demo, and the Equitrac support desk is extremely helpful.

Chris Davis
IT Manager
Magdalen College School


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