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DocuPhase Speeds Software Development with Nuance OmniPage SDK Integration.

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When Clearwater, Florida-based software development company DocuPhase first created its document management product in the early 2000s, it knew OCR would be a critical component. However, like most companies, DocuPhase recognized that developing its own OCR engine alongside its flagship product would be cost-prohibitive and stall out the release of its software. As a small startup pushing through the ruins of the dot-com era, DocuPhase didn’t have the resources nor the time to spend creating algorithms and honing an OCR component. It needed to get its product to market quickly, and that meant finding an OCR product it could easily integrate into its own offering.

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At the end of the day, we need a product that works. Nuance OmniPage SDK is great – it does what it says.

Steve Lomicka
Sr. Developer


Gain control over your document and information process.