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TorTalk eases reading challenges for dyslexics with Nuance OmniPage SDK

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Approximately 6 percent of Swedes struggle with dyslexia, including Swedish software developer Tor Ghai. For most of his life, he struggled with reading comprehension as he battled his way through required textbooks. As an adult, he searched for a way to make reading easier – and even enjoyable – so that he could stay on top of the latest in software development and maybe even read for fun. After developing a program that would read text to sight-impaired people and becoming familiar with text-to-speech engines, Tor began to develop a version for dyslexics like himself.

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The value of Nuance OmniPage SDK is in the TorTalk product and the difference it makes for the user. For me, when I started using text to speech, I could increase my ability to take in information five-fold. All of a sudden, I could learn so much so quickly. I went from not feeling so smart to feeling as smart as everyone else – it became a big boost for my self confidence and my productivity at work.

Tor Ghai
Software Developer

OmniPage Capture SDK customer TorTalk eliminates the learning curve for dyslexics

Hear from co-founder Tor Ghai how his team was able to quickly integrate OmniPage SDK on both the Windows and Mac platforms


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