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Productivity, efficiency and financial expedience are terms often associated with large scale public and private sector organizations, especially in an economic climate that has created an environment where many businesses have to do more with less. But precisely the same discipline applies to not-for-profit organizations, like charities. With their survival dependent on the donations and generosity of others, their need for financial caution is often as great - if not greater - than the corporate “beasts”. Charities’ financial proficiency is driven by the need to help as best they can the communities or groups that they have chosen to serve or represent. In the case of the Starfish Christian Trust - established six years ago - it aims to change lives by providing medical assistance, relieving hardship, aiding communities and rescuing slave families. Its endeavors have seen it succeed in building schools in Pakistan and Ethiopia and supporting widows and orphans in India, while providing emotional support and guidance by preaching and teaching around the world.

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There is no doubt that Power PDF has transformed my work and I would recommend to any organization that needs a powerful, but cost-effective PDF solution. Very delighted with the product.

Stan Gain
Starfish Christian Trust


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