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The assurance of secure print comes to Milton Keynes University Hospital with SafeCom

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With confidential patient data a prime security concern for the National Health Service (NHS) and Milton Keynes University Hospital, it is taking proactive steps to stop data leaks. One source that poses a potential security risk is the seemingly innocuous multifunction printer (MFP). Often, internet-connected, networked MFPs can be vulnerable to an attack.

One other considerable risk is the danger that documents could be printed to an MFP, and left unclaimed. The documents could then be picked up and read by someone unauthorized to do so, which has the potential to cause a broad range of security-related problems.

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Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS

Improving security, reducing print costs, and increasing overall efficiency were three things we looked at when evaluating a print management solution and SafeCom hit the mark on all those things.

Oliver Chandler
IT Manager
Milton Keynes University Hospital


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