Spelling window

Use the Spelling window to add words to Dragon's vocabulary or to correct misrecognized words and phrases.

Option Description

Spell or type what you had said or say "Choose" and a number

Do one of the following:

  • Say "Choose <1-9>"— Selects an alternative spelling option.
  • Say "Edit <1-9>"— Allows you to change the text for an option by voice or by keyboard.
  • Edit the text displayed or specify new text.

Click OK to replace the text selected in your document with this text.

Note: You cannot say "Undo That" in the Spelling Window. To correct a dictation error, say "Scratch That", "Backspace", or "Delete That".

Play That Back

Plays the dictation that produced the text you are correcting.


Opens the Train Words dialog box where you can teach Dragon how you say the spelled word.

"Tell me more about this window"

Displays this Help topic about the Spelling window.

Opening the Spelling window

Say "Spell That" or "Spell <word or phrase>"

If you have selected the "Correct" commands bring up the Spelling Window option in the Options dialog box—Correction page, you can also do the following to open the Spelling window:

  • Say "Correct <word or phrase>"
  • Use the Correction hot key (minus sign (-) on the numeric keypad)

Resizing the Spelling window

Click and drag the window with your mouse to resize it.

Spelling window commands

Command Description

Choose <1-9>

Selects a spelling from the list.

Select <1-9>

Edit <1-9>

Modify <1-9>

Selects a spelling and allows you to edit it.

Select last <number> characters

Select next <number> characters

Selects a number of characters.

Move right <number> characters

Move left <number> characters

Moves the cursor.

Select That

Selects the last utterance.

Delete That

Scratch That

Deletes selected text.

Go to End of Line

Go to Beginning of Line

Moves the cursor.


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