To learn about:

Dictation overview

Dictating into most Windows applications in just three steps.

  1. Open the application you want to use.
  2. Click inside the window or field where you want to dictate.
  3. Turn on Dragon's microphone and speak!

Dictation guidelines

The right way to talk to Dragon

Dictating numbers

In most cases you can dictate numbers, including postal codes, as you normally say them. For example:

  • Say: Five point four twenty three
    Result: 5.423
  • Say: May fifteen two thousand fifteen
    Result: May 15, 2015
  • Say: Boston Massachusetts 0 2 1 1 0
    Result: Boston, MA 02110
  • Say: Eight thirty pm
    Result: 8:30 PM

Spelling words and phrases

You can spell words and phrases that Dragon misrecognizes. Say "Spell That" immediately after Dragon misrecognizes a word or phrase.

Dictating bulleted or numbered lists

Make the last line you dictated a bulleted list. For example:

  • "Make That Bullet Style".

Dictating punctuation and special characters

You can enter punctuation marks and special characters (also referred to as symbols) as you dictate. For most of what you'll dictate, just say “period,” “comma,” and “question mark” in the appropriate places as you dictate.

Using and customizing the Dictation Box

The Dictation Box appears automatically when you dictate into an application not fully supported by Dragon, letting you use all of Dragon functionality.

Transcribing recorded speech

With Dragon, you can transcribe recordings of your own voice or of other people's voices, all within your own user profile without affecting your own speech data.

Playing back dictation

Using Playback makes it easier for you to correct dictation mistakes by allowing you to listen to your recorded speech and review and correct your dictation at the same time.

Using Read That

The Read That feature allows Dragon to read editable text aloud in a computer voice.