Working with Google Docs

Use these procedures for basic document operations using Google Docs.

You must be signed in to a Google account to use Google Docs.


To select from the Google Apps menu (Google apps menu):

  1. Say "Click Link".
  2. Say "Choose <number>" to choose the number that appears next to the Google apps menu.

    The menu opens.

  3. Say "Click <app name>" to open the appropriate app.


    If you don’t see the application you want to open, say "Click More" to show the remaining options, then say "Click <app name>" to open the app.

  4. If numbers appear, say "Choose <number>" to choose the correct app.

    The app opens.

You must have installed the Dragon Professional Web Extension to use these commands. For more information, see Installing and enabling the Dragon Professional Web Extension.

To dictate in Google Docs:

Use the basic dictation instructions. For more information, see Dictation basics.

Full Text Control is not available in Google Docs. You can dictate without Full Text Control, or use the Dictation Box instead. For more information, see About Full Text Control and Using and customizing the Dictation Box.

To format text:

Use the options on the Format menu, or click the buttons on the taskbar. Use the instructions to select menu options and taskbar options in the sections below.

To select from the document menu options:

With a document open in Google Docs:

  1. Say "Click <menu name>".

    For example, "Click Edit". The menu expands.

  2. If numbers appear, say "Choose <number>" to choose the number next to the menu.
  3. Say "Click <menu option>".

    For example, "Click Web clipboard".

To select options on the Google Docs taskbar:

  1. Say "Click Button".

    Numbers appear next to the taskbar options.

  2. Say "Choose <number>" to choose the number next to the appropriate option.