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Explore these short interactive training modules to discover and practice key aspects of Dragon.

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What can I expect from Dragon?

The basics of using Dragon.

What can I say?

How to see sample applicable commands at any time.

How can I learn more and get help?

Dragon's Interactive Tutorial and other Help resources.

How does Dragon know when to listen?

Controlling Dragon’s microphone, and what the microphone icon indicates.

What can I do with the DragonBar?

The menus and indicators on Dragon's toolbar.

How does Dragon show its status?

What indicates recognition mode, Full Text Control, and more.

Can I put Dragon "on hold"?

Using sleep commands to control the microphone without manual action.

Is there a "right" way to dictate?

The importance of speech flow to give some context to Dragon.

How do I include punctuation?

How to dictate characters.

How do I move around text?

Navigating a document or text field by voice.

How do I create a list?

Adding bullet points or numbered bullets.

How do I use Dragon on the Web?

The Dragon Professional Web Extension, a small component for supported browsers.

Can Dragon learn unusual or ambiguous spellings?

The benefits of adding words and phrases to Dragon's vocabulary.

How can I make my dictations more accurate?

The Accuracy Center's offerings.

How can I correct mistakes?

Correcting errors by voice.

How can I transcribe a spoken recording?

Transcribing a recording of your voice and one of someone else's voice.

Why did a text box pop up when I spoke?

The Dictation Box option, customizable per application.

How can I bold or capitalize text?

Formatting text by voice.

How can I insert my signature block?

Creating an Auto-Text command to insert standard text and graphics.

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