Options dialog box—Miscellaneous tab

DragonBar>Tools>Options>Miscellaneous tab

Use the Miscellaneous tab to select options for several Dragon areas. Changing these options affects only the current user profile.

Option Description
When the User Profile Opens

Determines what occurs when the current user profile opens. The options are:

  • Have the microphone on but asleep—If selected, the microphone is in Sleep mode when Dragon starts. You can then turn on the microphone by saying "Wake Up" or "Listen to Me". This is helpful if you are using Dragon hands-free. If deselected, the microphone is turned off when Dragon starts. Default value: Deselected
  • Launch DragonPad—If selected, DragonPad opens when Dragon starts. If deselected, DragonPad opens only when you select it from the Tools menu. Default value: Deselected
When the User Profile Closes

Determines what occurs when the current user profile closes. The options are:

  • Automatically save the profile changes—If selected, Dragon saves your profile changes without prompting you to confirm that you want them saved. If deselected, Dragon prompts you to save your user profile changes. Default value: Selected
Speed vs. Accuracy

Increases or decreases the number of words or phrases Dragon examines in its Vocabulary as it processes your speech and searches for word matches. The more words examined, the greater the possibility of an accurate match, though results occur more slowly. More analysis requires more computer processing and more time to recognize your speech and display results. Less analysis requires less computer processing and results in faster results.

Typically, you should move the slider more to the right on faster computers.

Use menus that are compatible with screen readers

If selected, allows a screen reader program to read menu items out loud to vision-impaired users. Some screen readers have trouble reading menus unless this option is turned on.

If deselected, some screen readers may not read Dragon's menu items accurately.

Default value: Deselected

Voice-enable menus, buttons, and other controls, excluding

This option:

  • Affects all user profiles.
  • Is unavailable if Microsoft Active Accessibility is not installed or if your version of Windows does not require it.
  • Turns off Microsoft Active Accessibility if it is deselected.
  • Requires you to restart Dragon if you change it.

If selected, allows you to control user interface controls, such as menus and list boxes, in applications by voice. You can turn off voice-enabled interface controls by application by selecting from the drop-down list.

If deselected, disables voice-enabled user interface controls for all applications. Disabling this option improves Dragon's recognition and reduces demands on your computer.

Default value: Selected

Launch Dragon in QuickStart mode when Windows starts

If selected, allows Dragon to load in the background when you start your computer or log in to your operating system, depending on your Windows version. When launched in QuickStart mode, Dragon is available for use more quickly than when you start in normal mode. The microphone icon appears in the system tray.

If deselected, Dragon starts in normal mode.

Note: Dragon’s scheduled tasks cannot run while Dragon is open or in QuickStart mode.

Put the microphone to sleep after n minutes of silence

Number of minutes after which Dragon stops the microphone from listening and puts it into Sleep mode. This setting is also referred to as the Sleep Timer. Specify a value between 5 and 120 minutes. Default value: 5

Note: Nuance does not recommend a value greater than 10, as Dragon can misrecognize ambient noise as speech.

Alert when audio quality is low

If selected, Dragon displays audio quality alerts when dictation audio quality is low.

If deselected, Dragon does not provide alerts when audio quality is low.

Default value: Selected

Use the Dictation Box for unsupported applications

If selected, Dragon's Dictation Box appears automatically when you dictate in a text field where Full Text Control is unavailable (PowerPoint or Google Docs, for instance.)

If deselected, the Dictation Box does not automatically appear.

Default value: Selected

Tutorial: Why did a text box pop up when I spoke?

Alert in case of disconnections of target applications

If selected, a warning appears when a Dragon compatibility module for a supported application becomes disabled. Compatibility modules enable Full Text Control.

If deselected, no warning appears.

Default value: Selected

Restoring default Miscellaneous tab options

Click Restore defaults.

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