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These topics will help get you started dictating with Dragon Runtime.

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Dictation basics

Dictating into most Windows applications in just three steps.

  1. Open the application you want to use.
  2. Click inside the window or field where you want to dictate.
  3. Turn on Dragon's microphone and speak!

Dragon microphone

Using Dragon microphone to dictate and give Dragon commands.

Dragon's microphone must be on for you to dictate.

Getting help

Dragon's Help resources.

You can turn on your microphone and say “what can I say” at any time to have Dragon show you a list of things you can do.

The DragonBar

The DragonBar is Dragon's control panel. You use it to configure Dragon, use Dragon features, see what's going on, and more.

Creating auto-text commands Custom voice commands you create for inserting specific content into a document, which you define. It can include text and graphics.
Transcribing recorded dictation Learn how to transcribe recordings of spoken text.
Using Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere is a full-featured mobile app that lets you dictate and edit documents on an iOS or Android device, using all the same customized words and auto-text commands you use with your desktop version of Dragon.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) applications restrictions Dragon Runtime does not support dictation into Electronic Medical Record applications (EMRs) or other medical applications (RIS and LIMS for example).

This functionality is only available in the medical editions. A full description of the other extra features of the medical versions and upgrade possibilities are available on:

What's new in Dragon 14

Enhancements and new features in Dragon 14.