Using Applications


To learn about:

Working in Microsoft Word

Basic commands for using Microsoft Word.

Working with Microsoft Excel

Basic commands for using Microsoft Excel.

Working with Microsoft PowerPoint

Basic commands for using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Working with Microsoft Outlook Basic commands for using Microsoft Outlook.
Working with Google Docs

Basic commands for using Google Docs.

Working with Corel WordPerfect Basic commands for using WordPerfect.
Working in OpenOffice Writer Basics commands for working with OpenOffice Writer.
Working on your Desktop

Basic commands to perform many actions on the Windows Desktop.

Working with DragonPad Basic commands for dictating in Dragon's built-in word processor.
Working with Windows controls

Basic commands to work with Windows controls, like buttons, in windows and dialog boxes, and to work with menus and lists.

Working with Web mail

Use these commands for basic operations using most Web mail applications, like Gmail, Yahoo and

Working with Thunderbird Basic commands for managing and sending email with Mozilla Thunderbird.

Using Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere is a full-featured mobile app that lets you dictate and edit documents on an iOS or Android device, using all the same customized words and auto-text commands you use with your desktop version of Dragon.

Posting to Facebook and Twitter

Dragon can post status updates and tweets to Facebook and Twitter without the applications having to be open.