To learn about:

Cutting, copying, and pasting text


Commands to cut, copy, and paste selected text. For example:

  • "Cut That"
  • "Copy That"
  • "Paste That"

Inserting, replacing, and deleting text

Commands to delete, replace and insert text while you are dictating. For example:

  • "Undo that"
  • "Scratch that"
  • "Delete <text>"

Selecting and deselecting text

Commands to select text. For example:

  • "Select Next Line"
  • "Select <text>"
  • "Unselect That"

Aligning text

Commands to align text. For example:

  • "Center that"
  • "Left Align That"

Working with multiple text matches

Choosing the right text when Dragon finds multiple text matches. Multiple text matches can occur when you say a text command and Dragon finds multiple instances of that text.