To learn about:

Moving around in documents, web pages and text fields

Moving your cursor (cursor icon) around in a document, text field or web page. These are Global Commands that you can use in any application. Moving the cursor around in documents. For example:

  • "Page Up"
  • "Page Down"
  • "Go Back"
  • "Move to Start of Line"
Using your mouse by voice

The commands to move and use your mouse by voice, including:

  • Moving the mouse pointer.
  • Clicking.
  • Using the mousegrid
Using your keyboard by voice

Controlling your keyboard by voice. For example:

  • "Tab key"
Navigating Dragon with your keyboard

Navigating Dragon using keyboard shortcuts, including:

  • ESC—Closes a menu.
  • Alt + F4—Closes the window that has focus, including the Help.