Spelling words and phrases

You can spell words and phrases that Dragon misrecognizes. Dragon might misrecognize a word because it is not in the active vocabulary. When you spell words in the Spelling window, Dragon adds them to the active vocabulary automatically. You can also spell words in your document without using the Spelling window, though Dragon doesn't add them to your vocabulary.

If you don't know how to dictate a specific character or symbol, open the Vocabulary Editor and search for it to view the Spoken Form. For more information, see Vocabulary Editor dialog box.

You can optionally spell words in the Spelling window using the military alphabet. The military alphabet, or phonetic alphabet, uses words to represent letters, like "alpha" for "a", and "bravo" for "b". You can also use the military alphabet in Spell mode. You cannot use the military alphabet during dictation.

To spell a large amount of words or phrases, consider switching to Spell mode. For more information, see Using recognition modes.

To spell words and phrases in the Spelling window:

Do one of the following:

Say "Spell That" immediately after Dragon misrecognizes a word or phrase.


Say "Spell That" and then immediately begin spelling a word.


  1. Select a word or phrase by saying one of the following:

    • "Select That"
    • "Select <text>"
    • "Select <text> through <text>"
    • "Select from <text> to <text>"
  2. Say "Spell That".

The Spelling window opens.

  1. In the Spelling window, do one of the following:

    • Spell the word or phrase.
    • Type the word or phrase.

    A list of choices appears.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Select the appropriate spelling from the list by saying "Choose <number>" or by clicking the option.
    • Say "Play that back" to play the dictation for your word or phrase.
    • Say "Train" to train Dragon to pronounce your word.

    For more information, see Spelling window.

  3. Click OK, or say "Click OK".

    Dragon inserts the word or phrase into your dictation and adds the word to the active vocabulary.

To spell words directly in the document:

Spell the word or phrase one character at a time as you dictate.


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