Working with Corel WordPerfect

These procedures use Natural Language Commands. To use them, you must have enabled the Enable Natural Language Commands option and the Enable Corel WordPerfect commands option in the More commands dialog box. For more information, see About Natural Language Commands.

For a list of commands you can use in WordPerfect, say "What Can I Say?" at any time.

To open WordPerfect:

Say "Open Corel WordPerfect".

To open menus:

Say "Click <menu name>".

To select a menu item:

Say "Click <menu option>".

To scroll in your document:

Say one of the following:

  • "Start Scrolling Up"
  • "Scroll Down"
  • "Start Scrolling Down"
  • "Scroll Faster"
  • "Scroll Up"
  • "Scroll Slower"

To stop scrolling:

Say "Stop Scrolling".

To scroll in windows and dialog boxes:

See To scroll in windows.

To move around a document:

Say one of the following:

  • "Line Up"
  • "Line Down"
  • "Page Up"
  • "Page Down"


Use Global commands. For more information, see Moving around in documents, web pages and text fields.

For more commands, say "What Can I Say?".

To create a new document:

Say "Create New File".

To open an existing document:

  1. Say "Open File".
  2. Dictate the file name. Say "<file name> dot <file extension>".
  3. Say "Press Enter".

To close a document:

Say "Close File".

To save an existing document:

Say "Save Changes".

To save a new document:

  1. Say "Save Changes".
  2. Dictate the file name. Say "<filename> dot <file extension>"
  3. Say "Click Save".

To Save As:

  1. Say "Save Document As".
  2. Dictate the file name. Say "<filename> dot <file extension>"
  3. Say "Save as type"
  4. Say "Show choices"
  5. Choose the file type by saying "Move down <n>"
  6. Say "Press Enter"
  7. Say "Click Save".

To print a document:

Say "Print Document".

To switch between open documents:

See To switch between open documents.


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