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Use the Learn from specific documents tool to allow Dragon to analyze documents that reflect the type of dictation you typically do. This tool does the following:

  • Scans the documents for words that are not already in your vocabulary and allows you to select the words to add.
  • Analyzes the frequency and order in which words appear in the documents.
  • Allows Dragon to learn your words, word frequency and contexts, and make better guesses about your speech.

To maintain accuracy, select only documents in the same language as your user profile.

Step 1: Add Documents

Select the documents you want the wizard to analyze for new words.

Option Description

Add Folder

Click to select a folder on your local drive. Dragon adds all documents in this folder to the list.

Add Document

Click to select one or more documents individually.

Add Google Docs

Click to log in to your Google account and select documents from Google Docs.

Remove Document

Click to remove selected documents from the list.

View Document

Click to open a selected document in the application in which you created it.

The progress bar indicates how much of the current file has been analyzed.

Step 2: Add Words to Vocabulary

View the list of words that the Learn from specific documents tool identified as not being in the current vocabulary.

Option Description


If selected, Dragon adds the word to your vocabulary.

If deselected, Dragon does not add the word. All words are deselected by default.


Number of times the word appears in the documents.

Check All

Selects all words.

Uncheck All

Deselects all words.


Click to edit the spoken form or written form of the word.


Step 3: Train Words

Train Dragon on the pronunciation of your words so Dragon can better recognize them in your dictation.

Select the words you want to train.

Option Description

Check All

Click to select all words.

Uncheck All

Click to deselect all words.


Click to train your selected words.


Step 4: Adapt to Writing Style

This process modifies Dragon to better recognize the words, phrasing, and word order that you typically use in the selected documents.

This process can take from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the documents and options you selected, the speed of your processor, and the amount of RAM in your system. A progress bar indicates the time remaining.


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