Dictating numbers

In most cases you can dictate numbers, including postal codes, as you normally say them.

Procedures for many number types below assume you have enabled Auto-Formatting options. For more information, see About Auto-Formatting rules and Auto-Formatting dialog box.

Number type Examples


In general, you can dictate numbers by saying them as you would conversationally. If you have configured the Auto-Formatting options for numbers, Dragon formats most numbers automatically. For more information, see Auto-Formatting dialog box.

To dictate numbers:

Say the numbers in the appropriate form.

Example 1—Decimals

Say: Five point four twenty three

Result: 5.423


Say: oh point five

Result: 0.5

Example 2—Fractions

Say: Two and three fourths

Result: 2 3/4

Example 3—Numerals

Say: One hundred forty two thousand fifteen

Result: 142,015

Example 4—Phone numbers

Say: Seven eight one five six five five thousand

Result: 781-565-5000

Example 5—Currency

Say: Ninety nine dollars and fifty cents

Result: $99.50


(UK English) Say: eight pounds fifty

Result: £8.50

Example 6—Dates

Say: May fifteen two thousand fifteen

Result: May 15, 2015

Example 7—Weight

Say: Two hundred kilograms

Result: 200 kg

Example 8—Postal codes

Dragon supports postal codes for USA, CAN, GBR, and AUS only.

Say: Boston Massachusetts 0 2 1 1 0

Result: Boston, MA 02110

Example 9—Time

Say: Eight thirty pm

Result: 8:30 PM


Say: noon

Result: 12:00


Say: quarter past five

Result: 5:15


Say: quarter of three

Result: 2:45

Example 10—Street addresses

Dragon supports full addresses, including postal codes and state/province/territory/county, for USA, CAN, and GBR only.

Say: one double two five main street

Result: 1225 Main Street


Say: twelve dash fourteen maple street

Result: 12-14 Maple Street

Numbers—Force as numerals

If your dictated numbers appear in text form ("four") rather than numeral form ("4"), you can force Dragon to interpret your numbers as numerals.

To force numbers to appear as numerals:

Say "Numeral" before your number.



Say: Numeral four

Result: 4

Numbers—Numbers Mode

If you frequently dictate numbers that must be in numeral form ("4") rather than text form ("four"), you can switch to Numbers Mode before or during your dictation.

To dictate numbers in Numbers Mode:

  1. Say "Start Numbers Mode".
  2. Dictate your numbers.
  3. Say "Stop Numbers Mode".

    Dragon switches back to Dictation & Commands mode.


Say: One hundred seventy nine

Result: 179

Numbers—Roman numerals

You can dictate roman numerals by saying "Roman Numeral" before your number.

To dictate roman numerals:

Say "Roman Numeral", and then say your number.

To dictate lowercase roman numerals:

  1. Say "Roman Numeral"
  2. Say your number.
  3. Say "No Caps That".

Example 1

Say: Roman numeral two thousand four

Result: MMIV

Example 2

Say: Roman numeral three

Say: No Caps That

Result: iii


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