Logging in and logging out

You log in to the Dragon client to connect to the Nuance Management Center server when NMS mode is enabled. When you first log in to the Dragon client, Dragon prompts you to create a new user profile. Dragon then saves your user profile selections, like region, accent, preferred vocabulary, and microphone selection. When you log in to a different computer, Dragon creates a new user profile on that computer dynamically using these settings to allow you to dictate without having to run the New User Wizard on that computer. When you log in, the following objects you created and settings you configured are available locally on any computer where you log in to Dragon:

  • Custom words you created

    Custom words are available on all computers where you log in only if your NMC administrator has enabled the option to upload custom words in the NMC console. If this option is not enabled, your custom words are available only on the computer where you created them. Your custom words are available only to you.

  • Auto-text, step-by-step, and advanced scripting commands

    Your macro recorder commands are available only on the computer where you created them.

  • Command sets

    You cannot create command sets in the Dragon client. Your NMC administrator imports them in the NMC console and makes them available to you.

  • Some Options dialog box settings
  • Auto-formatting settings

If you reset your user profile, you must log out and then log back in to allow Dragon to retrieve your custom commands and command sets.

To log out:

From the DragonBar, select Tools>Log out.

To log in:

  1. From the DragonBar, select Tools>Log in.

    The Dragon Login dialog box appears.

  2. Specify your Login Name and Password.

    You obtain a login and password from your Dragon administrator.

    Dragon remembers your password if your organization chose to allow Dragon to remember login credentials.

  3. Optionally select Remember my password if it is available to allow Dragon to retain your password.

    Your organization may not allow Dragon to remember your password.

  4. Click Log in.

To view the user currently logged in:

On the DragonBar, click the Help icon (), and then select About Dragon.

The username appears on the splash screen.


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