Dragon Release notes—version 15.3

This topic describes fixed issues, update instructions, and known issues for the following Dragon products:

  • Dragon Professional Individual
  • Dragon Legal Individual

For the Dragon version 15 release notes, see Dragon Professional Individual Release notes.

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Fixed issues
Update instructions
Known issues


Fixed issues

Microsoft Office issues

  • Slow performance and hang issues no longer occur.
  • In Outlook, "Command <text>" commands (for example, "Correct Smythe") no longer stop working after a user adds a signature or image to an email message.
  • Jumping cursor issues no longer occur.
  • Replying to an email in the reading pane no longer closes the reading pane unexpectedly, leaving the reply stored in the Drafts folder

  • Dragon no longer causes Office applications to fail.
  • Loss of Full Text Control or focus no longer occurs in Office applications.
  • Dictation no longer stops working in Office applications.
  • The "Runtime error R6025 - pure virtual function call" error message no longer occurs during dictation in Microsoft Word 2010.
  • When you say "Scroll Down" or "Page Down" in an Office document or email message, the document no longer scrolls back up.

Software issues

A new Dragon Professional Web Extension is now available for Firefox to allow you to dictate into standard HTML edit controls and use Full Text Control to select, modify, and correct your dictated text in browser-based applications.

To install the new extension, open Firefox after installing Dragon version 15.3. Follow the installation instructions in the prompt that appears.

For more information, see Installing and enabling the Dragon Professional Web Extension.

Usability issues

  • Full Text Control is now available in Firefox after you switch the DragonBar from Classic to Modern view.
  • The command "Correct <text> through <text>" now works appropriately for the Canadian English region (eng-CAN).
  • It is no longer possible to dictate in read-only fields.
  • Playback now continues working appropriately when you dictate in Microsoft Word and then switch between applications or put Dragon to sleep.


Update instructions

You can update to Dragon version 15.3 from the following versions:

  • Dragon Professional Individual, version 15
  • Dragon Legal Individual, version 15 (ENX and DEU only)

Update Dragon

  1. Obtain the 15.3 service pack installation file from Technical Support.
  2. Close any open programs.
  3. If you’re running an anti-virus program, turn it off until the installation completes.
  4. Double-click the DPI15DOT3.exe file to run the installer.

    The installation dialog box appears.

  5. Select your language when prompted, and then click OK.
  6. Follow the prompts that appear.
  7. Click Update to begin the installation.
  8. When the installation completes, click Finish.


Known issues



Files Locked error when installing over Dragon Professional Individual version 15

If you attempt to install Dragon Professional Individual version 15.3 over Dragon Professional Individual version 15, a Files Locked error can occur.

Workaround: Restart your computer and install version 15.3 again.

6/21/2018 1:43 PM