PowerMic Microphone & PowerMic Mobile App

    PowerMic—wireless and wired microphones for Dragon Medical

    Documentation is critical for accurate electronic health records. Nuance makes it easy for clinicians to dictate, edit, and navigate the EMR simply by speaking—via a secure mobile app or wired microphone.

    Wireless and wired

    With PowerMic, EMR workflows work for clinicians

    Now clinicians can use PowerMic Mobile on their own smartphone, PowerMic at their workstation, or other supported handheld or headset microphones with Dragon Medical solutions to dictate the patient story directly into the EMR.

    PowerMic Mobile

    Move from room to room, workstation to workstation, using your own personal smartphone as a convenient, wireless mic. Provides greater flexibility to fit caregivers’ schedules while extending clinical documentation capture.

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    Ideal for dedicated Dragon Medical dictation workstations. Combines a robust, ergonomic USB microphone with full-function, PC-mouse capabilities to avoid constant switching from microphone to mouse to keyboard.

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    Features and benefits

    Easy to deploy across any IT environment

    PowerMic Mobile and PowerMic are complementary solutions that allow IT to deliver the ease of accuracy of Dragon Medical speech recognition to every clinician, across physical and virtual environments. They work seamlessly with Nuance Healthcare solutions.

    Why wireless

    Doing rounds shouldn’t mean hunting for dedicated dictation workstations

    PowerMic Mobile is an iPhone and Android app that lets clinicians use their own smartphone as a dictation microphone at any workstation with Dragon Medical. It’s easy to use and pairs instantly and securely. There’s no hunting for a dedicated USB-microphone, so clinicians can spend more time with patients, capture notes while information is fresh, or catch up on clinical documentation from home.

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    Find out how PowerMic Mobile and PowerMic makes dictating directly into the EMR easier than ever.

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