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QDirect.SCAN Connector

Control workflow, routes jobs, and manages print destinations across the entire enterprise

QDirect.SCAN Connector for eCopy ShareScan

Rochester Software Associates, Inc. (RSA), QDirect.SCAN Connector for eCopy ShareScan, QDirect controls workflow, routes jobs, & manages print destinations across the entire enterprise. QDirect consolidates print from data centers, departments, & desktops to a single point & distributes the output to production, workgroup, desktop printers, as well as other destinations. QDirect can manage a job's workflow-no matter where it originates or where it must ultimately end up.

Value Points:

  • Save time
  • Ensure job accuracy and peace of mind with receipt of confirmation sheet
  • Integrate with accounting system for seamless chargeback
  • Friendly, MFP-based scan and ticket user interface
  • Batch and release jobs by specific requirements or destination
  • Eliminate errors in production
  • Simplify management via a graphical user interface
  • Increase efficiency, quality, and volume of hardcopy and electronic workflow

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