Transcription Platforms

With Nuance Healthcare's market-leading computer-aided medical transcription platforms, your transcription workflow can be transformed into a competitive advantage for your healthcare enterprise by integrating with your EMR to deliver significant time and cost savings...


eScription’s on-demand intelligent speech recognition software turns clinician dictations into formatted draft documents, streamlining clinical documentation across the enterprise. eScription increases MT productivity, shortens turnaround time and lowers costs, all without interfering with clinician workflow. Learn more about eScription.

Dictaphone® Enterprise Speech System

Dictaphone Enterprise Speech Systemoffers an on-premise solution for reducing costs associated with transcription and the creation of medical records.  By speeding report turnaround time to providers, acute care stays can be shortened for additional cost savings.  It also enables faster, more complete medical records, and shortens the time between dictation and report delivery, increasing clinician satisfaction. Learn more about Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System.

"Investing in an advanced technology such as eScription speech recognition, with minimal to no disruption for our physicians, while demonstrating significant cost savings and improved turnaround time, is a win win proposition for any hospital provider."

Sue Schade
Chief Information Officer
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Boston MA