How to use Dragon Medical Mobile Search

Speaking a Web Search

First, launch Dragon Medical Mobile Search application and tap the red button in the middle of the screen to start recording your voice. Speak your search phrase as you would enter it in a text search field. When you are done speaking, tap the “Done” button and the search phrase will be automatically displayed in the top text box with results displayed in the result pane. Scroll the horizontal roller bar to select alternate content providers or search engines.

Correcting Search Text

If the transcribed search phrase is not exactly what you said, tap on the transcribed search phrase and you will see a list of alternative suggestions.When you select one of the alternatives, the phrase will replace the original text in the search box and the search results will be automatically updated.

Typing Search Text

To maximize flexibility, Dragon Medical Mobile Search allows you to type a search phrase, as well as speak it. To type, tap within the search box and the iPhone™ keyboard will be displayed allowing you to type the way you would in other applications.

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