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How do I obtain Dragon Medical Mobile Search?

There are four ways to obtain Dragon Search:

  • Download directly to your desktop iTunes®. If you have iTunes installed on your desktop, you can click the Dragon Medical Mobile Search download button at our website and select "Download directly to desktop iTunes".
  • [AT&T ONLY - Not on iPod®] Send download link using SMS. If you prefer to get the download link using your iPhone® SMS client, select "Send download link using SMS". After filling in all the mandatory fields, a download link will be texted to your iPhone. Click on the link and it will take you directly to the Dragon Medical Mobile Search App store download page. Please note that regular SMS charges may apply if you don't have a valid SMS plan.
  • Send download link using Email. If you prefer to get the download link using email, select "Send download link using email". After filling in all the mandatory fields, a download link will be emailed to you. From your iPhone click on the link and it will take you directly to the Dragon Medical Mobile Search App store download page.
  • Download directly to your iPhone. Download Dragon Medical Mobile Search from the App Store connection on your iPhone. Watch the video to see how.

I live outside the U.S. Will I be able to use the application?
Dragon Medical Mobile Search is now available in both the US and Canadian App Store. For Canadian users, please verify that your iPhone or iPod Touch; region is set to “Canada” by going to Settings > General > International > Region Format > Canada. This setting will allow Dragon Medical Mobile Search to return Canada-specific content from Google & iTunes.

System Requirements and Installation

What are the minimum system requirements?
The Dragon Medical Mobile Search application is supported on all three iPhones® and the latest iPod Touch® models: iPhone 2G, 3G, 3Gs and iPod Touch, second and third generation. To use the Dragon Medical Search application, you need at least iOS 3.1 and iTunes 9.

Do you support iPod Touch?
Yes. The Dragon Medical Mobile Search version 1.2.0 and higher, supports the latest iPod Touch models (2nd and 3rd generation models). You do need a microphone and WiFi connectivity to the Internet.

Do I need an Internet connection, data plan or WiFi?
Yes. Your voice file, transcribed texts as well as the result list are sent to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch over the Internet. You need either a WiFi or iPhone data connection. Make sure you have internet connectivity before trying to use the application on your iPad or iPod Touch.

I am getting a warning message, “No recording device found” on my iPod Touch”. How do I fix this?
The iPod Touch doesn't have a built in microphone to record your voice. Our application checks the availability of a microphone on startup. If you have misplaced the OEM microphone bundled with the headset, you can buy an external microphone, some of which provide you with the benefit of increased recognition accuracy. Please plug in the microphone, making sure the volume is properly adjusted and restart the application. To purchase a microphone for your iPod Touch, visit the Apple Store

Why do you need register for this application?
We want to enhance and refine Dragon Medical Search with the features and medical content that is most meaningful to you. To help us do that, we will occasionally send you an email asking you to complete an online survey for market research purposes. If you provide us with additional information, such as your profession, or whether you work for a small practice, clinic or hospital, we will be able to send you market research surveys that are tied to your interests. When you register, you are only opting in to receive market research surveys.

Features and Usage

How can I correct recognition errors?
There are several ways to correct the dictated texts. You can tap on a word to get a drop-down list of alternative suggestions. Or, you can tap the keyboard icon on the bottom left corner and use the standard iPhone® text editing feature.

I don't like the choices for the medical search engines. Can I add new medical search or content engines to the carousel from which to choose?
For this first release of the Dragon Medical Mobile Search, there is no ability to replace or delete the choices provided in the carousel. In a future release of this application, the user will be able to change the list of engines to reflect their choices.

What options do I have for searching medical information in this release of the medical search app?
This first release of the Dragon Medical Mobile Search application gives you the choice of searching:

  • IMO
  • Medline
  • Drugs.mobi
  • Medscape
  • Google

Is the Dragon Medical Mobile Search application “secure”? I am very concerned about patient confidentiality.
Dragon Medical Mobile Search does not upload or store any personal information about you or your patients on the iPhone®, iPad™ or iPod®. Spoken search queries are processed by fully automated speech recognition technology in secure data centers with stringent privacy and security standards. These search queries are not associated with any personal data from your phone.

Tips and Tricks

I get an error message, “Your request could not be completed.” What should I do?
Please verify that your iPhone® or iPod Touch®’s region is set to the country registered in your iTunes® account by going to Settings > General > International > Region Format > “Your Country”. This setting will allow Dragon Medical Mobile Search to return your country-specific content from iTunes.

How can I move the cursor?
Just double tap wherever you want to place the cursor.

Do I really have to press the "Record" and "Done" buttons?
We have found that users get the best experience when they explicitly start and stop the recording. Sometimes it is a matter of time for you to get used to the habit of executing the Record > Speak > Done sequence. If you really dislike this experience, you can let the system sense the end of your speech. Go into the iPhone Main Screen > Settings > SearchMed and turn on the "Detect End-of-speech." This setting should detect when you are done speaking, but it will not work as well in very noisy environments.

I am getting lots of misrecognitions. What can I do?
Try to speak clearly and in a normal voice. Make sure not to speak too quietly. In very noisy environments the recognition accuracy will suffer. As a rule of thumb, if it is too noisy to have a conversation over the phone, then it is probably too noisy for speech recognition to work accurately.

The system doesn't hear me correctly. What should I do?
Make sure you speak in a normal, clear voice. Hold your phone at about seven inches away from your mouth and speak to the application as if it were a person. Remember that the application only "listens" when "Recording" is displayed, and you can see the VU meter movement while you are speaking. In noisy environments, the recognition accuracy will usually suffer. As a rule of thumb, if it is too noisy to have a conversation over the phone, then it is probably too noisy for speech recognition to work accurately.

Can I use my Bluetooth® device with this application?
No. The application currently does not support Bluetooth devices.

Does the system adapt to my voice?
Yes. The system adapts to your voice over time. Avoid sharing the device with other people.

Why am I getting timeouts, connection errors or slow response times?
Dragon Medical Mobile Search streams your voice audio data to a network server infrastructure. For reasonable performance, having a strong network or WiFi connection is mandatory. Make sure that you have more than the minimum signal strength with your iPhone. If you are in doubt, download a website via the mobile phone's browser and monitor the download speed.

The application seems to hang at startup. What am I doing wrong?
If your iPhone has very limited network bandwidth, the application might hang at startup, with the splash screen being displayed forever. Please press your iPhone main button to dismiss the application. Thereafter, use Safari to check your connectivity by loading a website. Once you are in an area with better network coverage, you can restart the application. In the future we will display a message informing you of the limited connectivity.

Can I use the application in languages other than English?
No. Nuance is a leading speech recognition company in the world with a portfolio of more than 50 languages for speech recognition and text-to-speech solutions. However, the current Dragon Medical Mobile Search application is localized for US English only.

I use the Dragon Medical application in my office and use one of the regional accent wizards to improve my performance. Does the Dragon Medical Mobile Search application also have a regional accent wizard?
The current release of the Dragon Medical Mobile Search application does not offer regional accent wizards.

When I do searches in my office on my laptop or desktop, I get half a CME credit. Will I get credits if I use the Dragon Medical Mobile Search application?
The current release of the Dragon Medical Mobile Search app does not support this capability. We are investigating this feature for a future release. Please send an email to DragonEMRProgram@nuance.com if you would like to see this capability added. Your opinion is very important to us!

Is there anything I should do before someone else can use Dragon Medical Mobile Search on my iPhone?
Yes. The system adapts automatically to how you speak, which increases recognition accuracy over time. For best speech recognition, avoid sharing this Dragon Medical application on your iPhone with others, since having others dictate into your voice files will skew your personal user profile.

If you must share the application, we recommend that you reset the voice profile rather than letting them use your profile, for better recognition results. You can do this in Settings > SearchMed > Reset Enrollment > ON. However, by doing so, you will lose all of your settings and adaptation. Remember that when you start using this app again, you will be starting from scratch, with a new voice profile.

If you do allow someone else to use your iPhone, then you should execute the same steps above to reset your enrollment once more and start with default settings rather than someone else's profile.

Technical Support

I am still having issues. What should I do?
If you could not find what you were looking for, our Technical Support staff will be glad to assist you. Please Click Here to contact our team.

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