Nuance Healthcare Training

Application Training Services

We recognize that your business is unique and that you apply information technologies in different ways to meet your missions, goals, and day-to-day operations. This is why we'll partner with you to design a focused training program that meets your business objectives.

Our mission is to provide you with the industry's highest quality training and support on Healthcare products by leveraging the strengths, dedication, and teamwork of our world-class ATS organization.

We are able to do this by following a Model of Success that guarantees you a powerful learning experience.

This model makes certain that we:

  • Focus on the people involved and affected by the new technology
  • Assess your needs and your employees' skills prior to training
  • Follow a process that prepares your employees for learning
  • Provide multiple solutions
  • Transfer learning to job performance
  • Partner with you to ensure success

Application Training Support

As a member of the total implementation team, the assigned ATS coordinates all system training. The ATS is dedicated solely to promoting the use of your system and to increasing your job performance. Our ATSs are thoroughly grounded in the products they are teaching – that's a given. But our instructor training goes beyond that. To guarantee you quality and consistency, our instructors are Certified Technical Trainers. This certification confirms that our instructors are expertly skilled in the following competencies:

  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Questioning skills
  • Subject knowledge
  • Application of instructional methods
  • Motivational skills
  • Group interaction skills

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Our mission and goals

What can we do for you?

It is our mission to prepare our customers to maximize their technology investment through expert workflow analysis, effective system design, and high-quality training.

  • Expert Workflow Analysis — We interview you to understand your goals and purposes. Then we study your business processes and your employees’ work functions to discover operations and procedures that help you achieve these goals most efficiently.
  • Effective System Design — We work with you to create and execute a plan based on the workflow analysis. Through this partnership, we guide you to an effective system design that helps you achieve the most performance from your technology purchase.
  • High-Quality Training — Our comprehensive, customer-focused training includes instructor-led and technology-based learning tailored to help you achieve optimum use of your specific software applications and proprietary systems.
  • Development — Add to all this our innovative assessment tools, comprehensive support materials, and fully customized course development.

Our Training Specialists

What do we expect from our training specialists?

Every training specialist within Healthcare Professional Services represents a valuable asset. We maintain a reputation for hiring and retaining specialists with high levels of expertise in Healthcare Solutions and third-party applications.

  • Education — Our senior training specialists’ education is commensurate with a combination of 1) a B.S. or B.A. degree in Business, Education, Computer Science or a related field and 2) one to four years of relevant technical training experience.
  • Experience — Our senior training specialists demonstrate experience with: At least 1-4 years experience in technical training. Competence in the following technologies—Web-based applications, Microsoft® desktop applications, networking administration, and telephony.
  • Certification — All our training specialists are required to become Certified Technical Trainers (CTT+) within one year of employment. CTT+ is a cross-industry credential providing recognition that the training specialist has attained a standard of excellence in the technical training industry.

Our Proven Methodology

How do we do it?

You'll perform with excellence — we'll see to it! By following proven methods, our Professional Services team implements services for your unique environment, in addition to providing other services on an as-needed basis.

  • Core Implementation Process — We follow an integrated suite of professional training and system implementation methods that help you maximize your technology investment.
  • Discovery — First, our training specialist consults with you to define the requirements of your application. During this consultation, our training specialist will guide you towards an optimized, effective system design.
  • Training — Second, you’ll receive quality instruction in our state-of-the-art classrooms. Here you will have the opportunity to work with others who have made the same technology investment, and you’ll be able to share ideas and learn from one another. You will learn how to manage your new system and how to train others on the system.
  • Design — Third, our training specialist will configure your system to meet your exact specifications.
  • Live — Fourth, you’ll have an expert available to you when the system is ready for Go-Live. With our support, you are prepared to complete your end-user training and achieve the optimum transition to using your new system.

Our Delivery Methods

Delivery Methods that Optimize Your Learning

  • Instructor-Led Training at Our Location — Visit us in sunny Melbourne, Florida! We provide you with quality instruction in a classroom setting that affords you the opportunity to work with others. You will learn in a comfortable, well-equipped classroom and enjoy the use of a personal computer and comprehensive course materials.
  • Instructor-Led Training at Your Location — Our Training Specialists will partner with you to improve your system utilization and performance. We'll come to your location and help you design your system just the way you want it.
  • Online Training — On-line training from Healthcare Professional Services provides an opportunity for on-demand instruction. The recorded on-line classes guide you toward specific learning objectives and allow you to attend our classes whenever and wherever you want via the Internet. On occasion, we are able to offer on-line instructor-led training which provides a rich, interactive environment that teaches, prompts, and guides you toward specific learning objectives. In addition, you benefit from hands-on application experience and live interaction with instructors and other class participants. To inquire about instructor-led training, call 1-800-279-6077.
  • Self-Paced Training — Clear, concise, and easy to use! These courses are all self-directed and self-paced, and are designed to optimize learning and retention. All courses deliver maximum impact in minimal time, making them a perfect just-in-time resource.

Our Training Center

Learn in our comfortable, state-of-the-art equipped classrooms!

  • Training Center — Our training center—located on the first floor of Nuance’s Worldwide Services headquarters in Melbourne, Florida—is designed to offer students hands-on education in the use of Healthcare products. The center has five twelve-seat classrooms, each equipped with full lab stations. The facility also has a student lounge equipped with communications booths where students can make phone calls and dial into their networks.
  • Address
    3984 Pepsi-Cola Drive
    Melbourne, FL 32934
  • Contact — Training Coordinator 1 800-279-6077

Our Additional Services
  • Advanced Training — Want to configure your own system or use the advanced features of your system? We offer advanced learning courses at our Training Center. Call 1-800-279-6077 to learn more.
  • On-Line Learning Solutions — We leverage instructor-led training and online deployment to provide you with an easily accessible, effective training solution. Courses are delivered to you over the Internet. And courses are delivered live! So the content is always up-to-date and relates to your needs. Online, instructor-led training helps you make the most of your training budget by offering you an alternative to the traditional on-site, instructor-led training. Visit our On-Line Learning Solutions site to view our current course schedule.