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Project Management Services

Project Management is an innovative professional service for Nuance Healthcare Enterprise Express customers. (A brochure of our services is available in PDF.)

100% Certified!

All of our Project Managers are PMP® certified! The Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential is the project management profession's most globally recognized and respected certification credential. When you purchase our project management services, you are assured a certified PMP® will be providing a valuable, professional service designed to support and enhance your internal capabilities and resources. To learn more about this credential, visit the Project Management Institute website.

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Our Mission

The mission of Nuance Healthcare Project Management is to create for each customer a strategy for Enterprise Express® Voice and Text system installation and deployment that will meet and exceed each customer's expectations. Our ultimate objective is optimum Enterprise Express system utilization, with minimal disruption to the customer's environment or to the system's users. Below are some of the many reasons why customers take advantage of our project management services:

  • Direct access to proven expertise in both system implementation and project management, based upon many successful system implementations.
  • Ability to amplify your staff's capacity to respond to project needs without sacrificing your internal priorities and demands.
  • Intensive project focus because project managers are dedicated to your installation from start to finish.
  • Ability to deliver objectives on time and within budget, with enhanced participation and project ownership by all team members.
  • Early problem recognition and resolution.
  • Enhanced definition of responsibilities and accountabilities at all phases of implementation.
  • Ability to fully understand and implement the project requirements: evaluating all resource and business needs, preempting technical hurdles, capitalizing on opportunities, defining and prioritizing requirements and challenges, and maximizing benefits at each step along the way.

Although the expert services of Project Management could benefit virtually any customer, our services are especially important for those who:

  • Have limited resources or are unable to divert sufficient technical resources to coordinate all organizational activities to assure a smooth system transition.
  • Have large, complex, or unique installations, or highly challenging and critical "go-live-dates," and need Nuance Healthcare to help reduce risk during their system installation.

Benefits of Project Management
  • Prevents costly schedule delays and ensures a successful implementation.
  • Reduces demand on customer's critical management resources.
  • Provides management expertise across the areas of open architecture and networks, training development, transcription and dictation workflow, and project management.
  • As a national resource, the Project Manager serves as the customer's advocate within Nuance Healthcare and has the ability to draw upon the company's nationwide resources and knowledge base. This allows the Project Manager to champion the specific interests of each customer.

Although each installation is unique, these are a few of the many services Project Management delivers to customers:

  • Provides customers with a single point of contact within Nuance Healthcare for all issues related to project implementation.
  • Defines and gathers together a cohesive Project Implementation Team, composed of dedicated members from Nuance Healthcare and the customer's organization.
  • Creates a clear path for success that is mutually understood and agreed to among the entire Project Team.
  • Evaluates and determines necessary commitment levels for successful project completion.
  • Develops and maintains a project plan that defines measurable milestones and levels of effort needed to meet deadlines.
  • Expedites the entire product order-to-delivery process — from overseeing the specification of the product order and review of the Scope of Work (SOW) document to coordinating delivery schedules and assuring the timely shipment of all hardware, software, and peripherals through the Nuance Healthcare Order Management and Distribution Centers.