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Demo Videos

See all the new features and explore what Dragon can do.


Provides explanations, examples, illustrations and step-by-step instructions to help you make the most of Dragon.

Handheld Microphone

Guides for handheld microphone.

Ask the Dictator

Want to learn how to do more with Dragon? Peter “The Dictator” Mahoney has your back. Check out his latest insider tips and tricks.

Technical support

Hardware compatibility

The latest list of certified devices to work with your Nuance product.

OS X compatibility
Dragon Support forums

Additional tricks, usage and troubleshooting tips provided within our user community.

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Dragon SDK Client (DSC) Edition

Integrate the speech-recognition capabilities of Dragon NaturallySpeaking into any Windows application without using the Dragon NaturallySpeaking user interface.

Dragon SDK Server (DSS) Edition

Speech-recognition functionality for back-end transcription.

Additional resources


Paid online training

For additional training and customization services beyond the tools and tips offered through Nuance, reach out to the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Value-Added Reseller community. A local Dragon partner can provide in-person product training.


On-demand webinars for all types of professions, from law and government to developers.

Online training courses

Learn tips and tricks for using Dragon speech recognition on the PC or Mac to quickly compose emails, draft and edit documents, control your computer, and more.

Training videos

An introduction to the user interface, menus, toolbars, concepts and techniques needed to master speech recognition.

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Business to business customers

Customers and Partners who have a business to business relationship with Nuance, including Maintenance & Support Contracts, Reseller or Distribution Agreements. Please create or access your account through one the following sites to ensure proper handling of support entitlement.

For non-Medical releases: Nuance Network Enterprise Support
For Medical releases: Dragon Medical Enterprise Support

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