Mouse commands

These commands allow you to control your mouse pointer with your voice. If you want to move the mouse to a specific part of the screen, you can turn on the MouseGrid.

Moving the mouse

To make the cursor begin moving in a specified direction

  • Say Move mouse <direction>.
  • The cursor can move up, down, left, right, or a combination like left and up.

  • Say Faster or Slower to change how fast the cursor moves.
  • Say Stop to stop the cursor movement.

To move the cursor a specified number of units in the specified direction

  • Say Move mouse <1-100> <units> <direction>. Units may be pixels, centimeters or inches.

Clicking the mouse

Say one of the following:

  • Mouse click
  • Mouse double click
  • Mouse triple click

To click and hold the mouse

  • Say Hold mouse or Press mouse.
  • Say Release mouse to release the mouse button.

You can also use modifiers (Command, Option, Shift, Control) with mouse clicks. For example, you could say Control mouse click.