The MouseGrid allows you to move your mouse pointer to a specific area. Summoning the MouseGrid displays a transparent three-by-three grid over your screen with the sections numbered one through nine.

Full MouseGrid

With the MouseGrid on the screen, speak the number you want to focus on. A new three-by-three grid will appear in that spot, with your mouse pointer at the center.

Small Mouse Grid

You can repeat the process as many times as you need. When the grid area becomes too small to display numbers, you will see a magnification window.

When the MouseGrid is on, you can use mouse commands, such as Mouse click, to further control the mouse.

Opening the MouseGrid

  • Say Open MouseGrid to open the full-screen MouseGrid.
  • Say Open small MouseGrid to open a small grid centered around the pointer's current location.

Zooming in

  • Say <1-9> to select and zoom in on the specified section of the grid.

Dismissing the MouseGrid

  • Say Cancel to remove the MouseGrid.