Control your computer

Dragon allows you to use your voice to control your mouse and keyboard, application windows, menus, and more. Read these topics to learn how to use your voice to navigate and control your computer.

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Launching and quitting applications

  • Launching applications
  • Quitting applications

Navigating application windows

  • Opening windows
  • Closing, hiding or minimizing windows
  • Switching between active windows

Menu Walking

  • Using an application's menus

Key commands

  • Controlling the keyboard with your voice

Mouse commands

  • Controlling your mouse with your voice


  • Moving your mouse using numbered sections of a grid.

Using dialog controls

  • Clicking a button in a dialog box

OS X controls

  • Restarting your Mac
  • Putting your Mac to sleep
  • Opening the Force Quit dialog
  • Changing your screen view
  • Taking a screenshot

Working with the Finder

  • Changing the display of Finder windows
  • Managing files and folders
  • Creating and deleting folders, files, and aliases
  • Navigating the Finder
  • Ejecting drives